Nick – Founder of MasterMix Desserts

      Eating ice cream and all things sweet has always been a pleasure enjoyed by Nick and his family. Getting creative in the kitchen and whipping up new flavourful ice creams for his friends and family has also been a long-lived hobby of Nick’s that continues until this day.   

      It is no secret that ice cream is loaded with sugar and similar to many other individuals, Nick strives to live a healthier lifestyle meaning he refrains from indulging in his favourite sweet treats as often as he’d like to. Thus, Nick decided to create a better-for-you, no sugar added ice cream recipe that he could enjoy more often without the guilt.

      After spending lots of time experimenting in his kitchen, Nick finally perfected his recipe for a no sugar added ice cream. He shared his new creation with his family and friends and they could not believe that an ice cream made with only natural ingredients and no added sugar tasted just like premium ice cream!  

      To simplify the ice cream making process at home, Nick converted his recipe to a dry ice cream mix format so that the only thing he had to do to make his favourite dessert was to dissolve the dry ingredients in cream and freeze. His friends and family who tried the ice cream made using MasterMix were amazed by its creaminess and flavour and wanted more!

      With MasterMix you can now effortlessly make a better-for-you ice cream at home too! Let your creativity run wild with MasterMix Original by making your own unique ice cream using any additional flavours or mix-ins you’d like!