It’s All About The Flavour

Ice cream shops are whipping up wild flavours and so can you with MasterMix! Easily make your own ice cream at home (with or without an ice cream machine) to perfectly match your unique taste buds!

Fresh Is Best

Why settle for grocery store ice cream that has been sitting for months on end? Effortlessly make the freshest and most flavourful ice cream with MasterMix. Whatever you might be craving, MasterMix gives you the power to create the ice cream of your dreams.

Anyone Can Do It

Making homemade ice cream has never been easier with MasterMix. Just dissolve 1 pack of MasterMix in 0.5 L of cold table cream and freeze! Add any mix-ins you’d like! Be imaginative and take your ice cream to the next level!


I made this using the no ice cream maker method
and it worked out well. It tastes sooo good as soft serve and I love how it has
no added sugar.

Aleana C.

I made a vanilla ice cream with MasterMix using an ice cream maker. It was super easy to make. My son and I loved the products.

Natalie R.

We made it without an ice cream maker, and were pleasantly surprised by its smooth consistency and rich flavour! So happy that we discovered MasterMix Desserts.

Olga K.